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With consumers constantly sharing, tweeting, and posting, social media marketing is the next big thing.


When was your last post for your business? Last month?  Last year?  Was it a valuable social media post offering value to your target audience?  What about your competition?  What you need is a strategy to establish your brand on the social media channels that will get attention and drive business.  Developing a strategy and plan of execution is key for success in building your social audience and making it work for your company.

This is a constantly changing field.  New social networks appear regularly and change is constant.  Navigating all of the networks, the options, the messaging, and creating the right content can be daunting at best.  Finding the cadence that is right for your audience is also key for a successful social media management campaign.

And let’s not forget about video marketing. In today’s digital world, video content is king. As video consumption increases so does video’s influence on consumer purchases. According to research by Brightcove, 81% of consumers say they currently interact with brands on social media, and 43% say they’ve done so through watching branded social videos. When asked their favorite type of branded content on social networks, 31% of respondents listed video as their number one choice – making video the most popular answer.

At Red 5 Interactive, we can help you find out which social media channel(s) your audience is on to effectively target those consumers, boosting your social ROI.

Increase your brand’s awareness, invoke traffic to your website, and engage with your audience with Red 5’s social media marketing service. We provide a custom-tailored approach for your business and provide a complete calendar of activity for your social media campaign. We then monitor each channel and review, develop a response protocol, and report on results.

Social media can be the closest connection to your customer – and mobile is the new TV. The time is now.