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Get a Head Start on the Application Process with your WES Credential Evaluation

Graduate school applications require a substantial investment of time and money. You can use your WES credential evaluation report to help you understand how your coursework and grades compare to admissions requirements at top programs and institutions. Once you understand where you have the best chances of being admitted, you can then decide which schools are right for you.

Now is the best time to apply for WES credential evaluation.

Learn More –> (wes.org)


Headline 1 – Get a Head Start from WES
Headline 2 – Start Your Credential Evaluation Early at WES
Headline 3 – Don’t wait to start your WES credential evaluation

Description – Be prepared by starting your WES credential evaluation application process early.

CTA – Learn More (wes.org)

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WES 3-Step Process Explained

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The WES Evaluation Process in 3 Easy Steps

Our credential evaluation process can be completed in just a few steps within 7 business days in the US and 35 days for Canadian processing.

1. Complete Your Application
2. Send Your Documents
3. Receive Your Credential Verification

Once complete, your official WES report will be sent to you and your selected recipients.

Watch Full Video –> (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OII56bq82Q)

Headline 1 – Achieve Your Educational & Career Goals
Headline 2 – Helping International Students, Immigrants & Refugees
Headline 3 – Let WES Help You Achieve Educational & Career Success

Description – Get your credential evaluation in three simple steps from WES!

CTA – Watch More (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OII56bq82Q)


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– Lived in Nigeria
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– College admissions in the United States
– Duolingo
– English as a second or Foreign Language
– Graduate Management Admissions Test
– Graduate Record Examinations
– International School
– International Student
– ISA – International Studies Abroad
– ManhattanGMAT
– Programme for International Student Assessment
– Student financial aid in the United States
– Study Abroad
– Study Abroad in the United States
– Study Abroad Organization
– Study International
– Test of English as a Foreigh Language
– The Official GMAT Exam
– Toefl IBT
– University and college admission

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107,800,000 – 126,800,000

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