Adios Third-Party Cookies: What’s Next for Digital Marketers?

In August 2019, Google announced an initiative called “Privacy Sandbox,” with the aim of developing a set of open standards for fundamentally enhancing privacy on the World Wide Web. “Our goal for this open-source initiative is to make the World Wide Web more private and secure for everyone while also supporting the publishers.” – Justin […]

Use Color to Your Advantage: How It Affects the Audience

Color greatly affects how viewers perceive not only your web page but your brand overall. When it comes to communicating, few things affect your audience and attract attention. This is why color is such an important part of not only establishing a mood but also the first thing people respond to in their overall judgment […]

How to Get S*&t Done When Working From Home

Working from home can be a great way to stay comfortable and confident in your work but can also be a big source of distractions. The motivation to get up and start your working hours instead of doing household chores can be difficult if you don’t have a plan or routine. The following 5 points […]

Video is #1 when it comes to engaging your audience.

Video is the King of Content! If your business doesn’t have a video strategy for your social media channels and website you’re going to get missed. Not only do viewers prefer video their retention rate for video is 95% compared to a paltry 10% for text. You must commit to a video strategy. Video content […]

How Valuable is Digital in a COVID-19 World?

Here at Red 5 Interactive, we have a passion for digital.  We spend most of our time focused on bringing value to clients by helping them develop digital strategies and then executing those strategies.  It has never been more clear than in this COVID-19 crisis we are all facing how truly valuable a strong digital […]