How to Get S*&t Done When Working From Home

Working from home can be a great way to stay comfortable and confident in your work but can also be a big source of distractions. The motivation to get up and start your working hours instead of doing household chores can be difficult if you don’t have a plan or routine. The following 5 points […]

Video is #1 when it comes to engaging your audience.

Video is the King of Content! If your business doesn’t have a video strategy for your social media channels and website you’re going to get missed. Not only do viewers prefer video their retention rate for video is 95% compared to a paltry 10% for text. You must commit to a video strategy. Video content […]

Top Ten Links of the Week – Mar. 25 – 29

The top links for this week. We hope these posts bring you value. Please be sure to check out our social channels (see footer) and follow along. 1. 52 Amazing Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Won’t be Able to Resist [Infographic] 2. Are your A/B tests just junk science? 3. 4 Ways to Take Your Sales Strategy to the […]

Bringing Value in a Crisis

On March 11, 2020, Red 5 Interactive had a political client, during a statewide campaign, who pulled their staff off the road for their safety. The big question – NOW WHAT? There was no precedent for what was to come. No playbook. We quickly huddled with our client to discuss how we will connect with […]