About Red 5 Interactive

The genesis of Red 5 Interactive goes back to January of 1996. The Internet was still new to most everyone, and Red 5 stood out from a crowd of vendors offering to 'build you a website.'  We stood out from that crowd not only because we offered design that truly inspired, but also because we brought technical knowledge and business knowledge to the table as well. By taking the time to understand our client's audience and what calls to action are needed for the technology, we help achieve success for our clients.

Red 5 has since grown to serve our clients in the shopping mall industry with our SiteMan for Retail service.  SiteMan for Retail has served hundreds of malls as a complete turnkey web, e-mail, social, mobile web, and mobile app platform driving customers to their properties.

We have also matured into a sought-after user experience resource. We continue to offer great programming and database technical services. We use that knowledge and expertise in our user experience and design. Our passion for user experience excellence is unsurpassed and it's just part of the reason that our company mantra is "Experiences that Inspire."

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